Sunday, 19 December 2010

Where will they take us, The Singing Waters?

It's close to home

I'm calling my business venture Candwr Marketing.

I'm naming it after a stream back home in South Wales, The Candwr Brook. Candwr is Welsh for 'Singing Waters.'

There's lovely. Lyrical. 'Praise the Lord,' said the Reverend Eli Jenkins, 'We are a musical nation!'

But it's no vague, Celtic twilight. What I'm saying is that you can have marketing communications that are 'on song.' Communications that strike a chord with your customers. Make them want to linger and do business with you.

Words that resonate and remain with you. Campaigns so smoothly orchestrated that they flow.

I've picked up some market research projects in Further and Higher Education. And I'm talking to consultants and agencies who deal with that sector. It's the one I know best. But I'll also be talking to private training providers and charities, smaller enterprises of various kinds.

Where will the Singing Waters take us? Not always to places that are lush and pastoral. But always, I trust, to places where the water chuckles over the pebbles, where hard work can be fun and memorable. Where good impressions resound and linger, ever after, in the mind.

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