Wednesday, 7 September 2011

London Calling

I've been down to 't'Smoke' twice this summer. Most recently for a short family city-break which happened to coincide with the riots. Interesting. London looks spectacular from The London Eye in the early evening sunlight. Although I'm sure earth had plenty of other things to show more fair than the view from Westminster Bridge that Monday evening with police vans and ambulances streaming across.

We saw some of the damage the next day when we walked up Camden Market to Chalk Farm. We hadn't realised that area had been hit but I did want to get beyond the market and see the 'real Camden'. Joiners boarding up looted bike shops and other properties and The Guardian interviewing local residents was pretty real, alright.

By the Tuesday evening, of course, everything was quieter. Even the boys from The Met' seemed more relaxed.

A few weeks earlier, I'd been down for my old friend Bill's wedding celebration. Bill met Marlene from California when she was working in The City, until the 'credit crunch' put paid to that. Nevertheless, true love won through and they were married in California in May. They held a 'do' at St Ethelbreda's atmospheric crypt to celebrate. If you've not been, go. It's tucked away in a Dickensian corner and, like the nearby Sir John Soanes Museum, well worth a visit. One day, I'll tell the tale of how Bill and I renewed contact after losing touch for many years. Quite a yarn. For the moment, though, here are some pics from the evening.

Bill's Dad and myself
Me and Marlene (Marlene and I)
'You and the night and the music ...'
On a table with people I'd not seen for 30 years.

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