Friday, 30 September 2011

More from The Leopard

An excellent session at The Leopard in Burslem on Tuesday last.

Paul Freeman took this photo of some of the assembled bards. You can read some of their work discussed on the evening or submitted since on The Leopard blog - another of my on-line creations.

John Williams (no relation) is the featured poet this month. He's had two collections published already and is preparing his third.

I was challenged about 'political correctness' for my poem Prescription. One of the folk there thought my reference to the low or almost unknown incidence of myopia among the Inuit and Eskimo was an example of bleeding-heart liberalism on my part. I'd accept a guilty as charged verdict there - I take The Guardian intravenously. However he subsequently looked it all up in a scholarly article and found that this was indeed the case. And he's written a suitably remorseful and recondite response in Grecian style hexameters which you can also see on The Leopard blog.

Good poems, good chat, good company, good pub, good beer ... what more could you ask for?

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